This self portrait project seemed extremely daunting to me at first. To be honest, I was extremely terrified of taking photos of myself. Handing the camera over to someone else is defiantly nerve racking especially for a photographer who’s used to being behind the scenes. This project taught me a lot about trust. Trusting someone else to take your photos can be scary and this made me realize some of the fears my clients might be having. Setting up the tripod and camera timer also taught me how to trust my own knowledge on basic camera skills and how to take a well lit photo.

The photo at the lake was taken in natural lighting by my girlfriend. This photo represents where I was born and raised. I can thank Idaho for my adventurous personality and love for the outdoors.

The photo at the coffee shop was also taken in natural light, my girlfriend held a white poster board to act as a make shift 5-In-One to bounce the light back onto my face due to the gloomy weather that Sunday. This photo shows my love for finding hole in the wall coffee shops. It also pays homage to my favorite coffee loving city: Seattle, Washington.

The third photo was taken by using a projector and projecting the words onto a white seamless background, no flash was used in this photo and the camera was set on a tripod. The words depicted all represent different parts of my self. I asked my friends to send me words they thought of when they think of me. This is probably my favorite photo of this project.

The photo after was taken in my bedroom under florescent light. I used a light behind me to illuminate the flag and one in front of me to light my face. The camera was set on a timer and put on a tripod. This photo represents my sexuality, and how proud I have become to express myself as who I am.

The final photo was taken with the camera flash in front of a black seamless background. I tried setting up a basic portrait set up with the flash units but the photos weren’t coming out the way I wanted them to. This was supposed to be a professional photo for my new officer position in my sorority. Being Greek is a huge part of my life and has taught me so much about becoming a leader among the crowd.

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